The Rt.Hon. Lalong administration feels that in view of the prevailing economic circumstances in the state, there is no alternative to agricultural revolution. This is even more so for the fact that the state is blessed with a resourceful people, fertile arable land and favorable climate conditions which have endowed it with comparative advantage in agriculture. In this vain, the mission is take agriculture beyond the frontiers of subsistence by encouraging large-scale mechanized agriculture, while the vision is for the state to be a major player in food production for both domestic and international consumption. The administration has since keyed into the ALL GREEN ALTERNATIVE of the Federal Government which is a pragmatic and time-bound policy (2014-2020) aimed at boosting local production, promoting food security and cutting food imports.

The economy of Plateau state is still largely dominated by the primary production sector, with agriculture, which is predominantly subsistence, peasant and characterized by low and declining productivity. The administration recognizes the key roles of the real and manufacturing sectors of the economy in complementarily and mutually providing both forward and backward integrations especially for food processing and other agro-related industries. The components of the 3rd policy of the Rescue Mission are tailored towards guaranteeing food security in the state via sustainable local food production as well as improving the lot of the rural populace through infrastructural developments and service delivery. The administration also considers that efforts to raise rural welfare must necessary go beyond the traditional and limited approach of raising per capita income through agricultural development projects, to the provision of rural basic needs and social amenities: health and medical facilities, rural transportation facilities (roads and bridges), electricity or energy, pipe-borne water and rural infrastructure such as school, market stalls, etc.



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Sustainable Economic Rebirth