Ministry of Information and Communication

About Ministry of Information and Communication


The emergence of a more enlightened, educated, and informed citizenry that will work consciously and actively for the good of Plateau, and contribute positively, towards building a virile nation.


To undertake timely, credible and continuous gathering and communication of information on government policies, programmes and activities; and getting feedback for deeper democratic practice in Plateau and a prosperous, peaceful and secure state.

The Ministry is executing this mission through two Parastatals, a Board and a Department as follows:

  1. Plateau Radio Television Corporation (PRTVC)
  2. Plateau Publishing Corporation (PPC)
  3. Government Printing Press
  4. Plateau State Library Board


  1. Purchase Two Peugeot 307 and One Hilux
  2. Purchase of Four Cine Rover Vans
  3. Purchase of Two O.B vans for PRTVC
  4. Purchase of Web-offset for PPC
  5. Purchase of Printing Machine for Government Printing Press


  1. Digitization of PRTVC – 90% completed
  2. Renovation of Government Printing Press – Contract signed and awaiting mobilization fee
  3. Fencing of Dangkang Booster Station – Contract signed and awaiting mobilization fee
  4. Fencing of Mangun Booster Station - Contract signed and awaiting mobilization fee
  5. Renovation J.D Gomwalk House (PPC) – Processed to State Tenders Board for approval


  1. Establishment of Archives
  2. Purchase of vehicles for the Ministry
  3. Purchase of vehicles for PRTVC
  4. Purchase of vehicles for PPC
  5. Purchase of vehicles for PPP


  1. Construction of a Permanent studio and building of corporate headquarters for PRTVC
  2. Establishment of a photo-colour laboratory for the Ministry
  3. Upgrading of Plateau Publishing Corporation’s facilities and equipment
  4. Upgrading of Government Printing Press
  5. e-Library
  6. Establishment State Archive


  1. Hosting the 38th National Council of Information, the highest national policy organ on Information and Communication matters. It was a bold initiative to re-launch the state onto the path of national relevance and redeeming its image. The council was adjourned on the of the best to be hosted by the any state;
  2. Published and distribution high-demand publications such as PLATEAU STATE: People, Land and Government, and Plateau State Today which contain the Plateau Story as told by the Plateau people. Furthermore, we published A NEW DAWN: One year of the Redemption Agenda;
  3. Bought three new vehicles (One Hilux Double Cabin and Two Peugeot 307s) which have enable the Ministry easily carry out its functions;
  4. Purchase a new set of public address system and digital video camera for public and documentation purposes;
  5. Bough desk top computers accessories for computerizing and networking the Ministry’s operations and for connecting to the internet;
  6. Co-championed the Plateau Oneness Dialogue, a platform on which government and various stakeholders meet from time to time to share in each other’s experiences and goals toward ensuring progress, peace and unity in the state. The last interface was with members of the academia from all over the country
  7. Produced and distributed information, Education and Communication (IEC) material on peace and security;
  8. Pursued the One Man One Vote campaign in liaison with its parastatals during the 2011 national elections;
  9. Facilitated town hall meeting and tours to advance the cause of peaceful co-existences;
  10. Keyed into the millennium development Goals (MDGs) by networking and liaising with its parastatals to undertake robust media and publicity campaigns on polio, HIV/AIDS, Avian Influenza, gender issue, Child Rights etc.
  11. Briefed the people of plateau state through the mass media on landmark decisions and deliberations of the Plateau State Security Council (for the first time!), the Plateau State Executive Council and enlarged joint meeting with security agencies, religious leaders and various stakeholders general areas of concern and interest;
  12. Purchased four brand new digital mobile tele-cine land rovers for undertaking public enlightenment programmes on various themes to our rural communities in the stat;
  13. Collaborate with the Ministry of Science and Technology on the Plateau State Government website
  14. As the voice of government and its image maker, the Ministry left no stone unturned in ensuring that government activities and those that concern the general public are adequately publicized through the various media of communication in the State within the limited available resources.
  15. The Department coordinated the media briefings by the Hon. Commissioner on the weekly meetings of the State Executive Council at the Government House.
  16. The staff of the Ministry supported the Hon. Commissioner in organizing several Press Conferences on very vital issues either at the NUJ Press Centre or in the Ministry, as the situation entailed. A few of such cases in point were the unfortunate May 20th twin bomb blasts in Jos, the campaign against Ebola outbreak, campaigns on digitization, civic registration and distribution of the INEC Voters Cards, the 70th Birthday of Governor Jonah Jang and the burial arrangement for the late elder statesman, Sen. John Wash Pam among many others.
  17. In furtherance of effective information dissemination to the public, the Ministry supported or facilitated many live radio and television programmes (local, national and international) through which the Hon. Commissioner and other Management staff explained government position on certain sensitive policies and programmes. Added to this are the press releases issued out from time to time to the media by the Information and Public Enlightenment and Orientation Departments to inform and educate the public on matters of importance for the good and growth of the society; and the one in December 2014 which theme was “Strategic Information Management for credible and peaceful elections”
  18. The Ministry was fully represented at the July Extraordinary National Council on Information Meeting in Abuja which centered on the Digitization Process and National Security.
  19. The Ministry organized a special briefing for all Heads of the Information Units of the Local Government Councils in the State on the 25th of July. This has undoubtedly helped in narrowing the communication gap between the Ministry and the Local Government Information Officers who are partners in the business of public information management. It also provided for a platform for the Hon. Commissioner and management to interface with the Information Officers at the grassroots level.
  20. There has been a marked improvement in the working relationship between the Ministry and the various media organizations and their personnel. This could be attributed to the meetings and the reach-out steps by the Commissioner and management to various professional bodies such as the State Chapter of the NUJ; the Correspondents Chapel of the NUJ; NAWOJ; League of Veteran Journalists; NIPR, RATTAWU and other similar professional organizations, seeking their understanding and collaboration with the Ministry in enhancing effective information service delivery to and for Plateau people.
  21. Implemented public awareness rallies on Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission (PMTCT) and HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) in the 17 Local Government Areas of Plateau State by the HIV/AIDS Unit.
  22. Prepared briefs to the State Tenders Board on various contracts awarded in respect of the Ministry and its Parastatals’ projects
  23. Processed contract documents, subsequent upon which contracts were awarded. Among them are:
    1. Procurement of equipments for the Digitization of PRTVC.
    2. Fencing of Dangkang Booster Station.
    3. Fencing of Mangun Booster Station.
    4. Renovation of Government Printing Press.
    5. Held meetings with the Plateau State Pools Agents and Pools Promoters on Odds and Commissions.
    6. Uploaded contents on the State Government’s Website
    7. Uploaded press statements/contents on the Ministry’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.
    8. Pursued the modification/upgrading of the Web Page of Government Website
    9. Organized Live Radio and Television Programmes on the Government Printing Press to enlighten the public about its improved digital capacity and new outlook for increased patronage.
    10. Produced jingles for the Ministry of Environment on the 2014 Tree Planting Campaign.
    11. Produced Welcome Jingles for the Kick-Off of the Jos Digital Switch Over Pilot Programme Awareness Campaign held on 30th June, 2014 in Jos.
    12. Produced Jingles for the Public Awareness Campaign on the Switch Over from Analogue to Digital Broadcasting in the three Senatorial Zones of Plateau State.
    13. Produced Jingles on the Award of National Honour of CON to Governor Jonah David Jang and other citizens of Plateau State.
    14. Represented the Ministry in organizing the Jos Digital Switch Over Pilot Project in Jos, Plateau State in collaboration with the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).
    15. Represented the Ministry in the organization of Public Awareness on Digitization in Senatorial Zones in collaboration with NBC
    16. Produced Jingles on the projects of the Jang Administration captioned “What the People Say”
    17. Participated on a live programme - Pandorax’s Box - on Ebola Outbreak and mis-use of Social Media.
    18. Produced Power Point presentation for the Honourable Commissioner on the Jos Digital Switch Over Kick-off Campaign for AFRICAST 2014, held in Abuja in October.
    19. Public enlightenment and mobilization before and during environmental sanitation days (last Saturday of each Month)
    20. Collaborated with the State Ministry of Health and investigated the suspected Cholera Outbreak in Dengi, Kanam Local Government Area.
    21. Collaborated with the Ministry of Water Resources and Energy to warn Jos residents to refrain from drinking tap water when the latter embarked upon flushing some water pipes.
    22. Engaged in public enlightenment on the 2014 Tree Planting Campaign.
    23. Participated actively in the Public Enlightenment and Social Mobilization Sub-Committee of the Plateau State Ebola Virus Disease Prevention and Containment Committee.
    24. Took Zonal Public Enlightenment campaigns on Digitization to the three Senatorial Zones of the State.
    25. Took Zonal Public Enlightenment Campaigns to the Northern, Central and Southern zones on the prevention and containment of Ebola Virus Disease in the state.
    26. Undertook Public Enlightenment Campaigns to the 3 Senatorial Zones on Permanent Voters’ Card Distribution and Continuous Voters Registration.



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Sustainable Economic Rebirth