Plateau State Community and Social Development Agency

About Plateau State Community and Social Development Agency


The State Government was among the first set of States that fulfilled all the World Bank requirements for participation, and in April, 2009 the State Government established the Plateau State Community and Social Development Agency to implement the World Bank assissted ‘Community and Social Development Project (CSDP)

The Bill Establishing the Plateau State Community and Social Development Ageny was passed into Law by the Plateau State House of Assembly in March 2009 and in the same month, the State Governor Da Jonah David Jang accented to the Bill giving it the status of an Agency.

The Agency uses the bottom-to-top approach, where Communities apply for intervention in the provision of social amenities in form of Micro-Projects. Presently the Agency has intervened in 123 Communities. A total of 202 Completed Micro-Projects and 21 On-going Projects spread across the State.

One of the key highlights of the Community and Social Development Project (CSDP) is that clear-cut supportive roles and responsibilities are provided for the key actors in the project cycle. They include: the Federal level -the Federal Project Steering Committee (FPSC) and the Federal Project Support Unit (FPSU); the State level, State Agency Board, the State Agency (SA); and the Local Government level -the Local Government Review Committee (LGRC) and the LGA Desk Office (LGDO).


The overall goal of the CSDP is to improve access to services for Human Development (HD).

To achieve this goal, the Project Development Objective (PDO) is to support empowerment of communities and Local Government Authorities (LGAs) for sustainable increase access of poor people to improved social and, natural resource infrastructure services. Specifically, the CSDP hopes to:



Peace, Security & Good Governance


Physical Infrastructural Development


Sustainable Economic Rebirth