Taxes and Taxation

About Taxes and Taxation

Taxes and Taxation

Taxes/Levies Collectible by State Governments

  1. Personal income tax:
    • Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE);
    • Direct (self and government) assessment;
    • Withholding tax (individuals only);
  2. Capital gains tax;
  3. Stamp duties (instruments executed by individuals); Pools betting, lotteries, gaming and casino taxes;
  4. Road taxes;
  5. Business premises registration and renewal levy;
    • urban areas (as defined by each state): maximum of N 10,000 for registration and N5 ,000 for the renewal per annum
    • rural areas
    • registration N2,000 per annum
    • renewal N 1,000 per annum
  6. Development levy (individuals only) not more than N100 per annum on all taxable individuals;
  7. Naming of street registration fee in state capitals
  8. Right of occupancy fees in state capitals;
  9. Rates in markets where state finances are involved.



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