• Plateau State Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (PRUWASSA)
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    Plateau State Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (PRUWASSA)

    Plateau Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (PRUWASSA) was established by Law passed in August 2001. The Agency is a cooperate body with perpetual succession. PRUWASSA is a Government Agency responsible for provision of safe drinking water; improved sanitation facilities and good hygiene practices in our rural communities. 
    Be a model of success through effective and efficient system of service delivery in rural water supply and sanitation in Plateau State. 
    To increase access to safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and hygiene promotion through capacity building and awareness creation in collaboration with partners. . 
    • Build capacities of the agency, Local Government Councils, also~ose 
    implementing and/or facilitating Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) projects for effective service delivery and facility maintenance and management to ensure at least 80% of the planned activities are executed annually with regular functionality at any given point in time 
    • To improve sanitation coverage through development and provision of low cost household/schools/clinics latrines. 
    • To increase hygiene awareness through hygiene education/prornotton 
    • Provision of safe water sources of portable drinking water. 
    • To support the establishment of Water and Sanitation Units (WASU) and Water and Sanitation Committee (WASCOM). 
    1.  Advocacy and social mobilization 
    2.  Service delivery 
    3.  Capacity building
    4.  Community empowerment 
    5.  Inter-sectoral collaboration
    6.  Computerization of database management
    7.  Effective programme management
    8.  Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with LGC and Communities. 
    At present the Agency operates the following departments; 
    • Community Mobilization: the department is responsible for mobilizing communities for the implementation of all our programmes. 
    • Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion: the department is responsible for the provision of sanitary platform latrine for households, Ventilated Improved Pit latrine (VIP) for schools and markets in selected communities, it also propagates Hygiene Education with particular emphasis on personal and environmental health practices 
    • Planning Monitoring and Evaluation: the department is responsible for the collection and analysts of relevant data for planning purposes, monitoring and evaluation of our performance 
    • Water Supply: the department is responsible for conducting Geophysical . Survey, Drilling of Boreholes and Digging of Hand Dug Wells (HDW). It Is also responsible for pump test, Hand pump installation and Water Quality testing of Boreholes 
    • Administration and Finance: the department is responsible for the day to day running of the Agency 
    • Workshop: although a new department it is in charge of mechanical repair of light and heavy-duty vehicles. 
    I. We partner with external support Agencies or Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), namely Water Aid Nigeria, UNICEF and all the 17 LGCs in Plateau State
    II. Partner Organizations specifically have their various areas, while Water Aid targets the poor and vulnerable UNICEF targets women and children. 
    Some of our cherished values include the following; 
    • Sustainability of programmes 
    • Innovation and dynamism 
    • Transparency and Accountability 
    • Commitment to Agreement 
    • Accessibility and Knowledge sharing 
    • Partnership Development 
    • Team work 
    • Faith in GOD. 

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