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    The primary mission of the plateau printing press is to take a leading position in providing quality printing services that are unique and relevant to the varied of our customers, and to attain high performance through the use of appropriate technology and a skilled and dedication workforce, thereby booting our revenue base. 

    To intensify efforts towards greater revenue generation in order to make the press viable, self- sustaining and a major revenue earner for the Government 
    • To build a good name for the press through the provision of quality printing service in order to meet customer needs at relatively low costs while maximizing profit. 
    • To maintain a first position in the provision of unique and specialized services using appropriate technology. 
    • To explore other revenue sources and expand production capacity to accommodate the needs of customers within and beyond the borders of Plateau state. 
    • To provide the staff with the opportunity and training required to develope their talent to reach their full potentials. 
    • To provide security and safety of machinery and operatives. 
    • To direct and manage the press resources through a strong, efficient and effective management team 

    Our services include
    • Printing of all information dissemination materials for the state Government. 
    • Printing of all documents such as Gazettes, White papers, Receipt, Vouchers, Calendars, Diaries, Programmes, Reports, etc. 
    • Mass production of posters, signboards/advert Materials, Banners, Stickers, T-shirts, Caps and other corporate branding items on commercial basis. 
    • Mass production of assorted Nigeria National Flags for sale to all public and private organizations e.g of Banks Schools, Hospitals, Government offices, etc. 
    • General commercial printing for revenue generation to Government. 

    Completed Projects 
    1. Refurbishing of printing machine
    2. Supply of new digital printing Machine (KBA Rapida 105 from Germmay)
    3. Renovation of Building complex

    Future plans of ppp (initiatives) 
    i. To resuscitate the apprenticeship school of printing which will eventually be affiliated to the Plateau State Polytechnic for the award of Diplomas in different fields of graphics and printing. 
    ii. To ensure that the bill in the House of Assembly to make it mandatory for all MDAs at both tiers of government route their printing needs to the press is achieved. 
    iii. The newly procured digital press will attract commercial and industrial printing from both within and outside the state thereby a honey pot for revenue generation to the state. 
    iv. To maintain a competitive edge in digital printing through the use of cutting edge technology thereby the highest quality in printing achieved through the use of highly skilled and motivated workforce. 

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