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    A caring government must ensure that accessible, affordable, high quality health care is available to citizens. Therefore, public healthcare must be well managed by doctors, nurses and health workers to ensure that every patient is cared for through a decentralized, area-based, people-cantered primary health care system. Thus, if elected, our government will:
    I.   Replicate the current National Health Insurance Scheme in our state with the view to provide affordable health cover to civil servants and their families.
    II.  Conduct a full review of the nature and scale of vacancies in the public health system and work with tertiary institutions to fill human resource gaps.
    III. Build specialist hospitals in each of the three senatorial zones across Plateau state, while upgrading facilities in all Cottage and General Hospitals.
    IV. Ensure that management teams in public hospitals are qualified and effective by applying a quality rating system to all hospitals and primary health care centres. In this light, our government will establish a State Primary Health Care Development Agency.
    V.  Create a system of incentives that would attract the best medical personals and minimize brain drain.
    VI. Make concerted efforts to get accreditation for Postgraduate training in specialized areas like Surgery, Paediatrics, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, amongst others.
    VII. Provide counterpart funding for all health related programmes so that the state can benefit from donor driven programmes.

Local Government Areas