• Peace, Security and Good Governance

    Security has become the persistent plight of our people and therefore our approach to tackling these challenges would be anchored on preventive mechanisms, which address the underlying causes(s) of violent conflict in our state. In this light, our government will:     
    Reduce or remove the potential of violent conflict by tackling unemployment, social injustice, poverty and bad governance.
    Establish an advisory Council of Elders to advice on issues of sustainable good governance and mediate in latent conflicts between or among ethnic or religious groups in the state.
    Work with Religious and civil society groups to build and enhance the capacity of our people towards peaceful co-existence, prevention and management of conflict.
    Work with relevant institutions and security agencies to develop an Early Warning System for conflict prevention, management and resolution.
     V.     Encourage community policing as ell as inter-agency cooperation between various security organs.                  
    Civil Service and Labour relations: Our government will run an open and participatory governance process that will engender a harmonious working relationship with organized labour. This is to mitigate the potentials of industrial actions through open negotiations predicated on mutual respect, trust and confidence. In this regard, government will be,
    a)      Committed to enhancing productivity and professionalization in the civil service at both State and Local Government cadres by upholding the principle of meritocracy in the employment and promotion of Civil Servants;
    b)     Ensure that salaries and other legitimate remunerations are on first line charge and prompt payments on regular basis.
    c)      Ensure that all civil servants are keyed into the conventionally accepted pension schemes with reputable pension administrators, thereby ensuring that retired civil servants are paid their pensions and gratuities without unnecessary delay.

Local Government Areas