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    Muslim Pilgrim Welfare Board


    Vision and Mission Statements
    Our Vision and Mission is to organize and accompany the intending pilgrims of Plateau State to the Holy Land (Saudi Arabia) for the Hajj exercise.

    Staff Profiles
    The Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board has the following Principal Officers
    a. The Chairman and Eight (8) Board Members (on part time basis)
    b. The Executive Secretary. He is the Accounting Officer of the Board  c. Director Operations d. Director of Administration
    e. Director of Finance and Supply
    e. Director of Finance and Supply  

    Future Plan
    1.     The Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board intends to secure a permanent office accommodation.
    2.     We intend to install a database for the Board to safeguard our records.    

    Capital Project
    Provision was made for the construction of Pilgrims Transit Camp establishment of ICT Centre, Procurement of Toyota Hilux Vehicle, building of borehole etc. These Projects were not executed because there was no cash backing in 2014. 

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