• Entrepreneurship and Industrialization

    Through starts-up, small and Medium Term Enterprises; Agro-Allied Food Processing; Solid Minerals Exploration; Tourism and Hospitality.
    Given the tremendous importance of industrialization and specifically the abundant resources in Plateau State, concerted efforts would be made to embark on establishing a multi-sectorial agro-allied and solid mineral processing industries. Just like Agriculture, Industrialization is a change and transformation agent, with roads, water, and electricity, among others as stimulants that would attract investment in developing our sub-urban and rural areas that are bound to experience different scales of industrial development. The revival in Jos International Breweries (JIB) and its former subsidiaries like the BARC Farms (through negotiated buy back) would be explored.
    Our approach to Wealth Creation, particularly for Women and Youth would be through a three-dimensional approach, namely :
    1. EMPLOYMENT (Civil Service, Private Sectors Placements) 
    2. EMPOWERMENT (skill acquisition and start-ups capital) 
    3. ENGAGEMENT (talents, career development).

    A). Start-ups, Small and Medium Enterprises: In the APC we believe that the most effective way of tackling endemic poverty is through job creation and a radical reduction in unemployment. To pursue these goals, our government will embark on macro and micro economic policies that focus primarily on job creation by creating awareness on available support to several new businesses. To grow these new businesses, out government will:
    I.   Establish opportunity centres and State Venture Capital Fund where small businesses can access support and conduct all their businesses, as well as provide initial funding for start-ups and early-stage enterprise.
    II. Roll out small business incubators where entrepreneurs can share resources and have a supportive environment to stabilize.
    B). Agro-Allied, Food processing: The vast agricultural potential in the three geo-political zones of the State provides opportunity for examples include Sugar Potatoes/Yam/Cassava processing, Moringa, Fish processing, Medicinal Plants Processing, Agro-Forestry, Textile industry among others.
    C). Solid Minerals Exploration: Available data from the Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development reveals that government is only generating less than 25% revenue from solid minerals. Thus, the solid mineral sector as a key driver of economic growth offers viable prospects for mining, mineral processing and the manufacture of a host of intermediate raw materials for local industries and foreign exchange with the view to reduce poverty and dependency on oil revenue. Developing the Mining industry would radically curb the growing level of unemployment and move rural miners into middle class. If elected our government will:
    I.   Provide enabling environment that would facilitate investment in mining, rather than neglecting its potentials.
    II.  Provide investment protection in the form of guarantees or conditions under which investment could take place over extended periods,
    III. Use a percentage of royalty for the benefit of local and artisanal mining communities.
    IV. Streamline empowerment for the mining sector, with focus on (I) ownership involvement of mining exploration does not have a disproportionately negative effect on the environment through prudent management of processes related to hydraulic fracturing.
    V.  Ensure that mining exploration does not have a disproportionately negative effect on the environment through prudent management of processes related to hydraulic fracturing.
    D).  Tourism and Hospitality: it is plausible that the abundant natural resources, scenic beauty, rich cultural traditions and friendly climate give our state unique appeal as a tourism potentials of the state and hence provide employment in the process. Overall, we will focus on:
    I.    Film and Theatre: We recognize this as a very critical aspect of the Tourism Industry that has not been explored on the Plateau. The entire state, particularly Jos occupies a historical position of being one of the first locations and sceneries of film and theatre production in the country, but the potential benefits seldom explored. In line with our cardinal objective of creating jobs in the tourism industry and stimulating growth of our economy, we plan to further explore and develop new concept called "PLATEAUWOOD", which is akin to the Nollywood and Kannywood.
    II.   Prioritizing tourism in support programmes for small business development. 
    III. Supporting the tourism industry with research and information that can help them tailor their products and services to market demands.
    IV. Promoting tourism as a career choice and facilitating skills development to ensure that the industry has access to the human resources it needs to thrive or succeed. In this respect, we will stimulate and promote mutually beneficial working relationship with the Plateau State University, Bokkos that offers programmes in theatre, film and mass communication.

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