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    Plateau State Civil Service Commission

    To Sustain a Reformed Civil Service, Proficient in Professionalism, Effective and Transparent Service Deliver.
    To create Quality and Objective Civil Service through Adherence to Rules and Regulations. 
    The Plateau State Civil Service Commission is a Constitutional body vested with power to appoint Civil Persons to the office in the State Civil Service and thereafter monitor the progress and conduct of such persons up to the point of exit from the Service. It exercises disciplinary control over persons holding such offices. 
    The Commission exercises its full powers and statutory function in respect of the State Civil Service as contained in Schedule II of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria during the period covered by this report. These functions include the following:
    => Appointment of officers on Salary Grade Level 06 and above. 
    => Promotion and Advancement of deserving Officers into post of different salary grade levels. 
    => Setting General and Uniform guidelines for appointment, promotions and discipline. 
    => Custodian of Comprehensive and up to date personnel records of the Civil service. 

    => Approving the recommendations of the various departmental selection/appointments from Grade levels 06 and above. 
    => Processing of transfers (inter-Cadre, lnter-Service), Lateral Conversion and Secondment.
    => Serves as the appellate body for all petitions received from Civil Servants in respect to appointment, promotion and discipline and other personnel matters. 

    In exercising its functions the Commission is guided by, among others the following documents. 
    => Scheme of Service (1979, 1984, 2000 and 2003) 
    => Guides to Administrative Procedures
    => Civil Service Handbook 
    => Federal Establishment Circulars (1974 - 2014) 
    => Financial Instructions
    => Public Service Rules (2000,2006 and 2008) 
    => Other relevant Reference Books. 
    The 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Regulation II of the Public Service Regulations, 1978 empower the Commission to delegate powers and functions as deem fit. Based on the above, the Commission delegates some of its powers and functions on appointment, promotions and discipline of officers on salary grade levels 01 - 05 to Ministries and Extra-Ministerial Department who render returns regularly to the Commission in respect of actions taken regarding all functions. This is to enable it monitor and ascertain the extent to which the guidelines are adhered to. 
    The Commission had a policy unit, five (5) Departments and Ten (10) sections in the reporting Year as shown below: 
    The Commission has the following departments:- 
    Administration Department
    This Department is responsible for the General Administration of the Commission. It takes charge of staff Welfare and Maintenance of Vehicles. 
    Finance Department.
    This department deals with all matters of Finance and Budget Estimates. 
    Planning, Research and Statistics
    This Department is charged with the responsibility of collating, collecting and keeping records of Civil Servants. The data collected are used for the preparation of the Commission's Annual Reports, Achievements and Quarterly Reports. The Department is also responsible for providing information/data for Gazette publications of promotions, transfers, secondment, new appointments, withdrawals, resignations and retirements from service on request. 
    Recruitment, Promotion and Discipline Department.
    The Department is responsible for processing employment of staff from GL.06 and above for Ministries and Departments. It is also responsible for scouting and securing employment opportunities for the State' indigenes into the Federal Civil Service and does this by liaising with the Federal Civil Service Commission. It also deals with cases of promotion and discipline within the Civil Service. It liaises with Ministries/departments for Personnel Management Board meetings. It also guides and gives general advice on the application of the Civil Service Reforms. Furthermore, it is charged with the responsibility of arranging the Commission's meetings. 
    => General Administration 
    => Records/Statistics 
    => Appointment/Transfer 
    => Promotion 
    => Appeal and Petitions 
    => Planning and Research 
    =>  Finance and Stores 
    => Transport 
    => Internal Audit 
    => Information 
    The Commission has a Chairman and four members. The Permanent Secretary serves as the administrative head of the Commission. The Office of the Head of Service posts all supporting staff to the Commission except those on Grade Levels 01-05. The membership of the Commission is as follows:
    => The Chairman 
    => Commissioner I 
    => Commissioner II 
    => Commissioner III 
    => Commissioner IV 
    The Plateau State Civil Service is made up of Ministries and Extra-Ministerial Departments, each responsible for a particular area of service of Government. 


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