• Agricultural and Rural Development

    Agriculture plays an important role in supporting growth, creating jobs, food security and reducing poverty. It is a change and transformation agent, with roads, water, and electricity, among others as stimulants that would be given equal attention in developing our rural areas. To grow the agricultural sector and facilitate job creation our government will work to:
    I.      Provide road, water and electricity, which are infrastructure needed for the sector to thrive.
    II.     Invest in training and education for agriculture - particularly the training of extension officers and revive the Plateau Agricultural Development Programme (PADP) to continue with its acclaimed role of foremost agricultural extension agency, as well as Plateau Agricultural Mechanization Agency (PAMA).
    III.    Establish and or revive Farm Centres in the three geo-political zones in the state in addition to resuscitating the Panyam Fish Farm, Bokkos Farm Project (BFP) and encourage young people to go into farming through some funding incentives like setting up Agricultural Trust Fund for agricultural priority projects and mechanization techniques, among others.
    IV.    Reintroduction of Agricultural Shows in the State and Trade Fairs through PLACCIMA.
    V.     Partner with private sector to explore possibilities of building storage facilities in the three senatorial zones of our state with the view to keep our perishable products all year round.
    VI.    Invest in irrigation facilities for all season agro-enterprise.
    VII.   Ensure that Rural Development is pursued vigorously to curb migration to urban areas, given that over 40% of the populace are rural dwellers that cultivate about 40% of the landmass. They also constitute bulk of the electorates that deserve the dividends of democracy.

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