Ministry of Commerce and Industry

About Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Ministry of Commerce and Industry


To be strategically involved in the developmental process of industrialization and Commercialization of the state towards generating employment for wealth creation and poverty-reduction.


Optimally harnessing our natural endowment or resource such as Industrial/Commercial, Agricultural, Mineral, water, forestry and Tourism, etc, that have remained largely unexploited.


  1. Ensuring the optimum utilization of resources through industrialization
  2. Drive the economy through the commercialization of resources
  3. Encourage private participation in government-initiated projects
  4. Registration and supervision of business organizations
  5. Providing facilities for market traders
  6. Promoting the image of Plateau State as a viable business destination

These agencies are driven by the departments and agencies either within the Ministry or as external entities


The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is made up of the following professional and line Departments.

  1. Commerce Department
  2. Industry Department
  3. Co-operative Department
  4. Personnel Department
  5. Finance and Supplies Department.


In view of the Ministry’s objectives, it was given supervision of the following:

  1. Plateau Investment and Property Company (PIPC) Ltd
  2. PIPC Security Ltd
  3. Highland Bottling Co
  4. First Capital Savings and Loans
  5. Jos International Breweries
  6. Plateau Fertilizer Ltd
  7. Jos Main Market Authority


The Ministry is structured into 3 professional and 2 service Departments. The functions of these Departments are as follows.

    The basic function of this department is to formulate and implement government policies that will promote commercial activities as it affects commerce in the State. This function is performed by providing the enabling environment that would attract commercial activities to flourish in the State. Also attends and participate actively in the yearly National Council of Commerce (NCC). In so doing, the following activities are being undertaken;
    1. Registration of Business Premises- Registration of business premises operating in the State.
    2. Trade Fairs- The department organizes in conjunction with Plateau Chambers of Commerce, Mines and Agriculture (PLACCIMA) and participates in both domestic and international trade fairs, where the resources of the state are exhibited.
    3. Formulate and implement policies on Market Authorities in the state.
    4. Relate with Plateau State Traders and Marketing Association. Regulate and supervise the activities of the Traders Associations in the State. Indigenous measures.
    5. Work in partnership with Plateau Chambers of Commerce, Mines and Agriculture (PLACCIMA).
    6. Petrol Filling Station: Management and supervision of State Government owned petrol filling stations.
    7. The Department works in Partnership with the following Federal Government Agencies;
      1. Export Promotion Council
      2. Nigerian Shippers Council
      3. Inland Dry Port
      4. Consumer Protection Council.
    The department is responsible for the promotion of industrial development through planning and formulation of policies that provide the enabling environment for accelerated growth and development. The main implementing Agency of this department in Plateau Investment and property Company (PIPC) this Agency is saddled with the responsibility of promoting investment by Government and the state in general.

    The department is also involved in the following programmes;

    1. Industrial Layouts - Providing Industrial layout with basic facilities for ease of industries and industrial location. e.g Naraguta Layout, old airport road as well as some Local Government Areas.
    2. Poverty Alleviation Programme.
    3. Fertilizers Blending Plants
    4. Industrial incubator (Technology Acquisition Centre).
    5. They also work in partnership with Association such as National Association of small scale industrialist (NASSI) and manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN).
    6. National Council Meetings on industries.
    The department is charged with the responsibility of Registration, propagating, formation, supervision, inspection of records, inquiry, arbitration and liquidation of cooperatives societies in the state. This is in accordance with the provisions of the Nigeria Cooperative Societies Decree No. 90 of 1993.

    The department has Area Cooperative officers in all the 17 Local Government Areas in the State to facilitate the effective supervision and implantation of her programmes. The area offices are been managed by officers on grade level 9 and above.

    There are two Apex Cooperation organisations; they are Plateau Cooperatives Federation and Plateau Cooperative Financing Agency Ltd. The department has been carrying out some projects and programmes in conjunction with the Federal Government. These programmes are;

    1. Cooperative Revitalization Programme (CRP)
    2. Cooperative Data Analysis System (CODAS)
    3. Agric Transformation Programme.
    It deals with the day to day management of the Ministry by coordinating personnel related matters regarding recruitment, replacement, discipline/advancement, Training, Transfer, retirement and other administrative duties; geared towards efficient and effective management of the Ministry.
    This department is in charge of the Finance and Supplies of this Ministry. It pursues monthly allocations and other releases due to this Ministry from the Ministry of Finance, lodge same in banks and releases funds for the service of the Ministry. It also provides and supplies stationeries and other requirements to all the Departments and units as and when they are available and needed.
    1. Registering 12, 000 Cooperative societies in Plateau State.
    2. Established a tractor hiring service cooperative with 38 tractors distributed to cooperative societies within local governments
    3. Constructed a Cooperative Integrated Service Center in Zawan
    4. Hosting of Trade Fairs
    5. Training of 600 unemployed youths, women and cooperative societies in practical skills
    1. Reconstruction of Jos Burnt Main Market
    2. Construction of 3 numbers of satellite markets in Jos and Bukuru.
    3. Support SMS through micro-credit schemes.
    4. Have a permanent trade fair complex.
    5. Construction of new international market
    6. Create a data Bank for investment and industrial Potential of the State.
  8. BUDGETARY DATA: 2014 - N178, 239,496.00 2015 - N154, 405,148.00



Peace, Security & Good Governance


Physical Infrastructural Development


Sustainable Economic Rebirth