These three elements go together and they as sound management platforms are preconditions for effective development. Peace, Security and Good Governance are core elements of any pragmatic and people oriented administration. These have become of the fulcrums of the Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Administration which is poised to better the lot of the citizens of the state. The administration recognizes the importance of these three elements, just as the NEPAD Peer Review Mechanism of 2003 has declared that: “poverty can only be effectively tackled through the promotion of democracy, good governance, peace and security.”

Plateau Peace Building Agency (PPBA)

This agency is a creation of the Law and has become operational and being headed by a Director General, Jospeh Lengmang. With support from government, the Agency has recorded remarkable achievements in terms of engaging stakeholders and respective communities through strategic initiatives toward sustainable peace and security in the state.

Establishment of Plateau Peace Building Agency:

As part of its commitment to an enduring culture of peaceful coexistence, stability and security in the state, the Administration has established the Plateau Peace Building Agency with the mandate to work round the clock in massaging the peace process in the state. During the Presidential visit, the Agency is unveiling its 5-year Strategic Peace Plan (January 2018 – December 2022).

Some of these achievements include:

  1. Constant advocacy engagements with several media outlets, and created an online presence where Government programs and activities on peace building are disseminated.
  2. Adopted a Peace Architecture Dialogue (PAD) and Community Security Architecture Dialogue (CSAD), as part of the initiative of the National Stability and Reconciliation Program, in conjunction with the Search for Common Ground and European Union.
  3. Periodical Consultative dialogue with youths, traditional rulers, religious leaders, women organizations and members of the Civil Society groups.
  4. Held a round table discussion during the celebrations the International Peace Days I 2016 and 2017, where for the first time state and non-state actors were brought together to contribute their quota to the peace building efforts of government.
  5. Developed practical and proactive strategies and policy measures for addressing some of the underlying causes of conflicts in the state.
  6. Undertook advocacy visits to several stakeholders where the agency was introduced and thereby set stages for future and further engagements.
  7. Created a volunteers and intern platform which engages youths with relative experience and personal competences, serving as support staff, as well as train student interns from Open University.
  8. Engaged in inter agency collaborations, especially with Operation Rainbow and Plateau State Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneur Development Agency (PLASMEDA) where synergies are built on issues of conflict resolutions and peace building.
  9. Organized series of interactions on the highly contentious and polarizing ranching policy proposal of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.



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