Building a
new Plateau the plan of God

Rich opportunities

from the precious resources within the earth
to the rich agricultural potentials

Visiting the

...From the wonderous rocks
to the enchanting wildlife

On behalf of the government and people of Plateau State, I welcome you to Plateau State the "Home of Peace and Tourism". Permit me as a proud and passionate Plateau son to reflect on our journey as a people so far. Our legendary hospitality that has endeared our State to many nationalities for decades thereby making us a melting pot is not in doubt; l dare to say one of envy to many...continue

Da Jonah David Jang - Governor


Come along and explore the Bisuness. It is like non you ever had!


Our transport system has experienced boost for your convenience.


From the high hills to the estatic nature and to the beautiful parks, we stand exceptional in tourism...


We share a common culture with nature, in patterns, food, weather and name them.


Plateau is at the hike of development and this leaves room for all professions.

The Three (3) Pillar Policy